Mega888 Malaysia is one of the most popular online casino sites in the country. They provide you with a chance to win big whenever you play. If you are using the platform for the first time and you wish to get that PC experience or you play only on your mobile device and you want to try it out on your PC, this guide is going to help you get started.


Most people like to use their mobile devices when playing because you can use it anywhere, anytime as far as you have a working internet, but some others prefer playing on their PC.

The Mega888 PC download is not as straightforward as downloading on mobile devices but if these steps below are followed correctly, you should be able to play on your Windows PC in no time. To install it on your device, you have to use an android app emulator like Blue stacks player. What you need to do first is to download the Mega888 APK file from their official site.

The next step is to download an android app emulator that will emulate an android device on your system. You can download bluestacks player from their site (i.e. When the download is complete, install the emulator on your system.

Afterwards the apk is installed through the emulator. When the installation is complete, you can then run the app on the emulator. You can now get right on to playing with your PC.


To play on the app, you have to create an account on their site. If you have already done this before downloading all you have to do is log in, but if you haven’t signed up then you need to do so.

How do you sign up on the platform? If that’s the question on your mind, well, here is the answer. There are two ways you can sign up. You can do it through their agents or you can do it directly yourself.

To do it through an agent, all you have to do is contact one of their agents on WhatsApp, WeChat and telegram. Tell the agent that you wish to create and account and the steps to follow will be given to you.

You can set up an account by doing it yourself. All you have to do is go to their official site and click on the create account button. You will be asked to fill in your information. When you do so your account will be created. Easy as pie.

One important thing you should remember when creating an account, is that every information you provide should be legit and verifiable. Do not put another person’s information when registering because it is considered as fraud or identity theft and it will be dismissed. Only put information that belongs to you.

Their security will do everything in their power to protect your account from hackers but you as the owner of the account have to play your part in protecting your account by being careful. Never ever share your password to anyone that you don’t trust 100% no matter the circumstances.

With this guide, you are ready to play on your PC. Mega888 online casino offers you the best gaming experience and opportunities to win big.